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Site Name: Theo James Fans
Owner: Rachel
Founded: April 27th 2013
Launched: June 12th 2013
Contact: [email protected]
About:I’m a big fan of Divergent (which I also run a site for: Divergents UK) so I, like many other fans were eagerly awaiting the casting of Four. When it was announced that Theo had landed the role, I started to do my homework by watching all of his past work.I was impressed with Theo’s work, especially his role of Walter Clark in Golden Boy. I truly enjoyed the show and I think it showed just how much of a talented actor Theo is. I also realised I had unknowingly watched Theo years previously in Downton Abbey. How could I forget the role of Kemal Pamuk?

But it’s not just Theo’s acting that made me a fan. Watching interviews with him, I realised what a genuine guy he is. His sense of humour and down to earth personality really sealed the deal for me.

On top of that is his musical talent. When I discovered he’d also been involved with bands, such as Shere Khan and Makora, I started to listen to their music and I was pleasantly surprised. He can really sing! And who doesn’t love a guy who can sing, act and make you laugh?

That’s when I decided to make this fan site.

I wanted to make a site for fans of Theo, present and future, to get their daily dose of Theo James, by keeping people up to date with news, and also let them find out all they need to know about Theo in one place.

I hope you enjoy the site, and continue to visit and support us in the future.

Thanks for visiting!