Theo James and Shailene Woodley Featured in New Divergent Still from LA Times


LA Times have released this brand new Divergent still which pictures Theo and Shailene in their roles of Four and Tris.

I love this one!

Along with this still, they also released TWO other stills which have never been seen before, along with an interview with Divergent Director Neil Burger + Producers. You can check them out over on our sister site: DivergentsUK

New Still of Theo James as Four in Divergent


9News have not only featured Divergent in their list of ’14 films to look forward to in 2014′, but they have also shared this brand new still which features Theo and Shailene as Tris and Four!

“Divergent” (March 21). This adaptation of the popular dystopian novel finds the people of Chicago divided into factions based on their human virtues. Teenager Tris (Shailene Woodley, left,) learns she has three qualities instead of just one – meaning she’s “divergent” – and discovers dark forces are afoot in the city during her initiation process.   Jaap Buitendijk, Summit Entertainment

Divergent hits cinemas later this year. (April 4th UK/ March 21st USA)


Theo James Talks Chemistry with Yahoo on the Set of Divergent

Yahoo have shared this video and article from their visit to the Divergent set earlier this year. In the video Theo talks about landing the role of Four and jokes about his chemistry with Shailene

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“What’s up gurrrl?” Theo James says as Shailene Woodley strolls by on the set of “Divergent,” his eyebrows going in all directions.

This cheeky flirtation is in stark contrast to the cold, grey buildings surrounding us on the site of Abnegation, the “selfless” faction of the film’s futuristic society, in downtown Chicago.

Seeing as he was a virtually unknown actor – well, except for that small but unforgettable turn on “Downton Abbey” – before being cast in the coveted role of Four, the big love interest for Woodley’s Tris, it should be a relief for fans to see such chemistry. And the jokes didn’t stop there.

“I took her out to McDonalds and we had two shakes,” he said when we asked if they did anything to build their relationship. After expressing our own shock that they didn’t just order one shake with two straws, he added, “We didn’t do that – we thought that was too cliché.”

Touché. But, according to director Neil Burger, it was James’s strength, not his sense of humor, that won him the coveted role.

“Shai is a really fierce actress and so we needed somebody who was even stronger than her. A lot of times, Shai would push forward and the guys we were auditioning would go back,” he said of the audition process. “With Theo, it’s like no, no, she steps back. He’s just a really strong guy and a really great actor as well.”

We had the opportunity to witness some of Woodley’s fierceness firsthand, as we watched her and Ashley Judd, who plays her mother, shoot an intense action sequence that had them running, guns in hand, throughout the Abnegation neighborhood. In the scene, we see Tris – who was raised in Abnegation but opted to defect and become part of Dauntless, which is essentially the society’s brave, military faction – evolve into something of a leader, even as she learns a shocking truth about her family.

“I love that Tris is an incredibly strong woman, young adolescent, but she’s not anything extra-spectacular or extra-superior over anyone else,” Woodley explained. “She’s very normal in a lot of ways and I think that there’s something really beautiful about exploring what it’s like to be a normal teenager in a dystopian, futuristic world.”

“Tris is somebody who starts out, she’s a really unexpected character,” Burger said after describing his star as “one of the best actresses of her generation.” Nobody thinks Tris is going to be tough enough to fight and to make it in Dauntless, he explained. “And then she turns out to be this real badass.

“In a way, Shailene’s the same way.”

Divergent” hits theaters on March 21.


Round-Up: Theo James and Miles Teller on MTV’s All Access

On Saturday, Theo, along with Divergent co-star Miles Teller, sat down to chat to MTV’s Josh Horowitz, for an All Access interview.

You can watch the full interview below thanks to @DivergentLife

Also, thanks to the lovely Sabrina on our Sister Site, @DivergentsUK, for transcribing the interview:

So here’s your round up! (the order is the same order questions were asked during the chat)

On musical talents: Theo and Miles “jammed out whilst in Chicago” back stage together! Totally showing off how well they know each other, Miles continued by saying Theo plays the guitar and sings and then Theo comes back by pointing out how Miles can play the guitar sing and play the drums, or more specifically, the jimbays.

Miles uses wikipedia and google to find out more on his costars? Yep, that’s right.

“You need to find out about them. I’ll google like my girlfriend. Anything significant that happened in there lives will be on the internet.”

On the Divergent teaser: Jumping in straight away, Miles commented: “Where’s Peter? There needs to me more Peter”

Character vibes: Peter as a character has a “lurking” and “lingering” vibe on set…an “uncomfotrable” vibe. The Four vibe? “Friendly and sexually aggressive” which is “very strong in the eyes and”…”in the crotch”

“Four is a powerful figure in literature and physical form” – Miles Teller

About the fandom: Constant discovery and Comic-con was the first sight of how massive the fandom is. Theo went on to say how the books are yet to be finished so this could lead to an even greater unexpected audience.

Predictions that happen during Allegiant:

Theo comments: “Four dies and is haunting but in a sexy way

Miles comments: “Once the Divergent world ends, it becomes Peter’s world” and Peter will lock the door so that this “sexy ghost” doesn’t enter. It will be called “Petevergent

First impressions, where/how did they meet:

Miles told Josh that he thought Theo was American, not knowing that he is in fact from the UK.

Theo told a little anecdote, which is obviously fake but thoroughly enjoyable, about they’re first encounter:

“We met mid push-up. We were kinda doing like 600 push ups and then we ended up locking eyes. Then finishing the whole set to each others beat. And then we got up and did a tough manly bear hug, no words…and then we saw each other last night.”

On Shailene Woodley: They both agree that she is very strong as an individual person and a strong sense of who the characters are and what they should be like.

Theo and Shailene’s first kiss: Miles prompted to get Theo to talk about the first kiss they shot on the train. Theo “went at it hard” and “thought that that’s how she’d want it.” Ahaha, loving Miles’s side comment: “do you ever go at anything soft? Not when you’re Four.” Theo later added how Peter is placed behind them making hissing noises that added to the tension and sexuality.

Peter’s a little creep.” – Miles Teller

Miles on Fantastic Four: He’d love to be a part of it, it’s come to that time where everyone wants to be a superhero, he explains. All just a rumour, but who knows? What do you think? Should he get a part?

Some twitter asked questions:

Describe each other in one word:

Miles about Theo – “tanned”

Theo about Miles – “long”

Jump off a moving train or onto one?

Theo: Off of one

Miles: Onto one – going somewhere in a hurry rather than leaving in a hurry

What was it like to film on the ferris wheel?

Theo: Shai had no fear of heights and I was trying to pretend, this is nothing, but I obviously peed my pants.

Is Peter truly evil or is his actions justified?

Miles: justified – have to side with my character. Peter is misunderstood.

So what’s next?

Miles and Theo are performing on the MTV VMAs, a very special piece called Divergent the Musical, tag line: Diverge me.

There it is, the full wrap up. What did we learn? Miles Teller and Theo James together equals LOTS of jokes and laughter! I could not sit with a straight face whilst watching this chat, it was hilarious!! PLEASE go watch it if you missed it, you won’t regret it!

In addition to this round up, I have 20 special screenshots from the chat for all!! You’re welcome

And also thanks to Sabrina for sharing these screen-caps:



Trailer for Divergent Released at MTV’s VMAs

Prepare yourselves! It’s here; Over 1 minute of Divergent goodness to feast your eyes upon.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!




View all screen-caps here.

Theo James and Shailene Woodley to Debut Divergent First Look at VMA Pre-Show

Yesterday, MTV released a 13 second teaser trailer ahead of Sunday’s VMAs, in which Theo, and his Divergent co-star, Shailene Woodley, will debut a Divergent First Look.

The first look will air during the VMA Pre-Show, on Sunday at 8pm ET/PT. (Source)

Until then, check out the teaser below: